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Sherlock Academy by FC Shaw

It is about a boy named Rollie. Rollie gets an invation to a academy. His friend Cecily also gets one.  They ride in a horse drawn carriage . They find out  they’re not the only students.  They are 2 out 4 students to bring Sherlock Holmes books.

If I met the author I would ask:

could you make a movie?

could you make a video game?

what does the jelly taste like in the book?

You should read this book.  It is so cool. If you like this one you should read the next 2 in the series.


The Magician’s Nephew by CS Lewis

In the Magician’s Nephew  Uncle  Andrew had a lot guinea pigs.  He did tests on them. Some exploded like little bombs .  To find out the rest of the story read the book.

If I had written the book I would make it more chaotic.  It would have stone  Twig snakes in Chan. In narnia it would have dragons.

Don’t get me wrong, I like  the  book and you should read it. It is super awesome if read because of the danger. It  would be fun if it really happened.

Hello world!

Welcome to the Barrsonage online…some Old Dusty Books (pbj’s thoughts from whatever he’s reading), N8book (N8’s short book reviews for school) and Family Movie Night Reviews should be headed your way soon

oh, and I’m still trying to figure out how to get rid of that ridiculous flower…really, I didn’t put it there, they did