I’m in the process of reading Herman Melville’s Moby Dick…I thought I’d start a new tradition of reading a “monster” book each October, but picked the wrong one to start.  That one should probably be my Spring Mega Book…So I grabbed Irving’s classic story and read it last Friday afternoon.

Some quick thoughts:

It was good…short (30 pages maybe) but good.

The Disney cartoon (see previous family movie night blog) is surprisingly accurate.

I didn’t know Brom Bones’ real name is Abraham…did you?

There are several other short stories in the book that I’ll also read at some point…Rip Van Winkle is probably the only one you’d recognize but The Wife seems the most spectral, never heard of it but the title is intriguing.

Not much else to say so Happy Reformation Day (soon) and I’m back to the wife, The Wife and Melville’s classic (just 450+ pages to go).