Tonight we watched the new(est) Winnie the Pooh.

Perhaps we weren’t expecting much (at least Nathan and I weren’t) but we expected it would be a decent family movie.  G rated, Winnie the Pooh, Disney…it’s just a good solid mix even if we’re growing into the teen/tween years and leaving the Disney preschool days in our dust.

Those of us not expecting much were surprised.  It was funny, entertaining and at 1 hour, 3 minutes, the perfect length to be interesting but not lag in the middle (something mentioned about a story in the movie itself).

Combine that with my (PBJ) perusal of IMDB’s info for the movie, complete with parental guide (really, Sex/Nudity mentions Pooh being pantsless?  too much!  I half expected the Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking section to list Pooh’s “huny” addiction).

It is definitely worth watching (unless perhaps you’re household is all teenage boys, then wait until they get married and start having kids).

Here’s our review (each of us can award 1, 2 or 3 stars)…

PBJ – loved the “It’ll be Great” song with Tigger and Eyeore and also the     “Knot/Not/Naught”…3 stars

Tif – (spoiler alert) liked how Winnie the Pooh chose to give Eyeore his       tail back before selfishly eating food…3 stars

N8 – liked Pooh’s Knock-Knock/Who’s There? response (part of the             “Knot/Not/Naught”)…3 stars; remember he didn’t expect to like it.

Z4c – likes the “nickname” of Pooh…he’s a tween now, not very                     surprising…3 stars

KT – enjoyed everything, especially when they fall in the hole…3 stars

Barr Family rating of 15 stars

PS – what’s your favorite Winnie the Pooh character?  Ours…

PBJ – Tigger and Owl

Tif – Owl

N8 – if he has to pick one, Tigger

Z4c – Tigger

KT – everyone except for Rabbit because of his grouchy attitude; Piglet if she only gets one