A few weeks ago, I was looking for a Thanksgiving movie…there aren’t any.  Well, there are, but there aren’t many classics.  There aren’t many that are about Thanksgiving and not just occurring at Thanksgiving and there aren’t many you can actually find.  Here’s what I found:

Classic – A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving…the Peanuts have a classic for every holiday actually

In my queue for next year – An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving – haven’t seen it, here’s to remembering it in time to watch it next November

One more – my dad has another one that we didn’t get to watching but I can’t remember it’s name which sort of tells you everything you need to know about Thanksgiving movies


But Christmas movies!!!  I’ve got plenty of those, here’s a list of some of what I’ll be watching (and blogging about?) between now and Christmas:

Classics (in my opinion) regardless of their production date:

Twas the Night before Christmas – 1914…never seen it but it’s from 1914, gotta find this one

Christmas Comes by Once A Year (cartoon) – from the 30’s, not all that good but it’s got one of those annoying songs you can’t get out of your head and it’s one of the earliest Christmas “movie” you’ll find…unfortunately I think it’s in that pre PC (in a bad way) era that sometimes contains regrettably stereotypes, haven’t watched it in a while so I don’t remember if it does or doesn’t, but I remember that song…

Holiday Inn – from the 40’s, classic song (White Christmas), classic movie, again some horrible stereotypes…yes, I’m ignoring It’s a Wonderful Life, I like Holiday Inn better

White Christmas – best of the 50’s, best Christmas movie period, several songs that are worth getting stuck in your head

Babes in Toyland – best of the 60’s?, classic movie but I’m not really sure I even agree that this is a Christmas movie but that’s always where it seems to end up…I really want to say Santa Claus Conquers the Martians but I’ve never seen it…let’s just agree that the 60’s seem to have just (and only just) scraped by the 70’s as worst Christmas movie decade ever

Santa and the Three Bears – best of the 70’s, horrible era for Christmas movies and I don’t just mean good ones, there are few that even seem to have been made and it’s most well known addition is probably Black Christmas which is a horror movie…really, Christmas and horror?  But the 70’s (barely) did gift us with this tv cartoon gem…of course, the real best is the Star Wars Christmas Special but George Lucas seems to have erased this treasure from existence (except of course in the galaxy known as youtube; I hear this is coming to blue ray soon which will definitely break my will and cause me to go by a blue ray player)…”This is not the Christmas movie you are looking for”

A Christmas Story, best of the 80’s which has a surprising amount of Christmas productions, seems to have started a trend that hasn’t ever really stopped.  They’re often sappy and usually just made for a quick buck but a lot of Christmas movies have been cranked out ever since the 80’s which makes the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s really tough to pick a best of…just think of all the ones you’d argue should beat out mine

The Muppet Christmas Carol – best of the 90’s AND best Christmas Carol…Muppets, music, no 3D gimmickry (sorry Disney’s Christmas Carol in the 2000’s, you were good but had a bit too much of this), Gonzo as the narrator, Jacob and BOB Marley, not too scary unlike some versions (I think I still have nightmares from a few Christmas Carols)…after White Christmas, this is probably my favorite

Elf – best of the 2000’s – it’s Tif’s favorite and it had my mom cracking up the other night

2010’s – haven’t seen Arthur Christmas and I refuse to acknowledge Harold and Kumar so I’m holding out hope that the 70’s and 60’s aren’t dethroned somehow

The Nativity Story – best to tell the true story of Christmas…so I’m cheating with the 2000’s but this one is literally timeless (1 Peter 1:20 “He was chosen before the creation of the world…)


so many movies left off…don’t worry, look for part 2 soon